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About the Jazzitup Kids Language Courses in Malaysia.

Our language courses cover 5 age levels from 4 to 14, teaching kids English through acting, singing, movement, art, craft and workbook projects. We provide an extensive curriculum with accompanying course materials, graded reinforcement activities, visual and audio aids and creative materials made in London.

Courses can be organized in schools, as an after school activity, in private venues, holiday camps, small bespoke private groups and one-on-one tuition, according to the needs of schools and parents.

Specialized Courses

‘Jazzitup in 3 Days’ - We offer condensed courses over 3 days.

We offer intensive programmes that focus on one particular area of English Language:

  • ‘Jazzup your Vocabulary and Grammar’
  • ‘Jazzup your Public Speaking’
  • ‘Jazzup your Reading and Comprehension’
  • ‘Jazzup your Creative Writing’


Malaysia Course Structure

We offer yearly English language courses to schools, educational venues, private home groups and holiday camps. Each year is divided into 3 terms of 10-12 weeks. Each term presents a theme-based story of either 60 or 90 minutes per week, with groups of 6 to 10 kids per teacher.


Celebration Time!

To celebrate and share your child’s achievements, we put on an end of term show in the form of an informal workshop performance for the joy and applause of parents and relatives.

Children are awarded rosettes and certificates.


Course Activities

Each term a new story, theme, set of language objectives, setting and list of characters are introduced through Active Story Telling followed by active participation. Children are encouraged to impersonate different characters using the drama scripts developed for each story and play-act together as a group.

Each story is accompanied by a range of theme-based games, action song, art/craft activities and project workbook, that reinforce confidence and fluency.


Teacher Assessments

Each child receives a detailed end of term report from their teacher to assess their progress throughout the term in their speaking, listening, pronunciation, teamwork, project work, reading, writing and grammar.

Age Levels

Each age level has its own set of stories introducing a setting, themes, vocabulary, grammar and English language Learning objectives. Characters and language structures are introduced, re-introduced and reworked so that your children become familiar with them.

To download an example syllabus for each of our course Age Levels please click on the relevant course below.



We offer 5 English language courses for kids from 4 to 14 years old.

Orange Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Purple Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Green Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Red Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course
Blue Age Level at Jazzitup Kids English Language Course

Course Materials

Puppets, jazzy dolls, storyboards and workbooks are used during lessons. The children receive a Jazzitup Kids workbook to document activities, vocabulary, grammar, expressions, artwork and writing projects during the classes and for consolidation at home.

Our workbooks contain storyboards, a story summary and comprehension, an introduction to the characters, lyrics to songs and activities for the target vocabulary and grammar objectives. Younger children receive a Jazzy the Juggler soft toy, which they decorate and personalise, rosette, a certificate, stickers and balloons. The workbooks for older children are project based with more emphasis on comprehension, reading and creative writing.

Download a Jazzitup Kids Sample Syllabus

What parents say about our courses:

“Antoine just loves coming to Jazzitup. He was so proud to participate in both shows! The result was really fantastic. My son looks forward to continue next year... Antoine finds Jazzitup perfect as it is!”