Learning English the fun way

We teach use Active Storytelling as a method to teach speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills

Jazzitup Kids' method is what makes learning fun!


Fun Learning

The Jazzitup Kids way!

Children love stories. We use Active Storytelling based on the stories and adventures of Jazzy the Juggler as a method to teach speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills.

The Jazzitup Kids English language learning method juggles five core creative activities: acting, singing, movement, art, craft and workbook projects to enhance the learning of English the fun way.

We have an extensive syllabus. Download to preview examples here.


Our Method

Active Storytelling

This method of Active Storytelling is used to improve vocabulary, grammar, public speaking, listening, pronunciation, phonetics, reading, comprehension and creative writing skills.

The process starts with a listening comprehension using storyboards and puppets, followed by text comprehension and the breaking down of the written language through games and activities.

Then we introduce the strategies for encouraging active participation and performance skills.


Meet Jazzy

The Juggler, our hero!

In our sequence of fantastic stories and adventures, Jazzy is a magical mischievous hero who the kids identify and empathise with as he interacts and learns alongside them.

Jazzy engages and encourages children to communicate, becoming a focal point for the reinforcement and retention of our language learning objectives.

An extensive series of animated videos of many of Jazzy’s fun adventures can be previewed on our Jazzitup Kids YouTube channel.

English language courses with Jazzitup Kids

The curriculum was created in London, England, in partnership with Chickenshed, the award winning inclusive theatre company and consists of 6o+ stories based on the adventures of Jazzy the Juggler and a host of colourful characters introduce kids to sounds, letters and key vocabulary.

Each story has a specific theme, matching workbooks, songs, drama script, games and activities to make for the end of term show, and every age bracket has strategic learning objectives to improve and reinforce listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar.

We teach kids within a no-pressure context in which to enjoy learning, sharing and expressing themselves according to their abilities. We are passionate about how quickly children improve by interacting in a spontaneous and natural way in a creative environment, turning the language learning process into a subliminal fun experience.

Workbooks and Project Work

Our workbooks are designed to document and practice the set English language learning objectives as well as develop the children’s love of stories and storytelling and document their creative ideas. Children practice letter/word formations, grammar structures, comprehension, reading and creative writing.

Download a Jazzitup Kids Sample Syllabus

Acting & Public Speaking

The stories are scripted for role-playing. Children are encouraged to recreate themselves as characters and perform, interacting with Jazzy the Juggler and all the other colourful characters. This improvisation and play-acting as a group reinforces confidence in oral communication and fluency and structures the children’s language responses with focus on pronunciation, phonetics and articulation.



Jazzitup Kids' songs help children learn the target vocabulary and grammar structures, which are gradually introduced through the lyrics of each song script. The lyrics of the songs reinforce the English language elements through constant repetition and make learning words memorable and fun.



Movement, body language and basic choreography are a fundamental part of Active Storytelling for the children who are learning through play.

We use large pieces of coloured materials, puppets, percussion and props made by the children to create Jazzy’s world to move around in.


Arts & Craft

To stimulate the children’s perceptive, imaginative and creative skills, kids are encouraged as a group to draw, design, make masks, props and costumes as a group to be used for the informal workshop performances held at the end of each term.

See a few examples of Jazzy the Juggler's Journeys below:

What parents say about our courses:

"Giulia remembers everything she has learnt! Thank you"